Ixelon software and Web developers

We speak the language of Web and mobile application development. We are an experienced team of professional Programmers and software architects whose aim is to deliver High quality software products to meet the needs of the dynamic technology arena.

We develop responsive websites, android and ios applications and Software for any Desktop operating system.

Website Application

Why should you hire us?

Are you a startup or small business looking for an attractive, affordable, results driven web site or a mobile application? Here are the reasons why you should hire us.


Being online means being able to be reached from anywhere. As Ixelon we work as stable Freelancers. All the development discussions, and requirement collections are communicated via our online system.


We believe that a passionate commitment to excellence is crucial to survival in the highly competitive software industry.That's why we make our passion pride in each finished project and are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we serve our clients.

Artifical Intelligence

We carry intensive research in the Ariticial Inteligence domain. We are experts at integrating Voice Systems, Image and Video processors in you application or Websites.

We care

We care about you and your business and we know that a website or software should reflect your business' attitudes and beliefs, relayed through the clean design and effective interface of our website and standalone application designs.


Personal attention during the development phase of every project means that the high quality of software produced by Bohomsware is unique and crafted to meet the specifications provided by you, the client.

We support you

Your project will never end once our development is done. We offer you service and support beyond the sale that will help you make your business endeavors a complete success.

Our best projects

Website design and development and Mobile application development is probably what Ixelon are most well-known for. Our talented team designers and developers have created sites for hotels, Restaurants, schools, eCommerce businesses , non–profit organizations and many more – so whatever your business is, we can help it shine online.

Kitchen App

Berista Restaurant

An application that helps restaurant customers make orders with great ease. The app was developed with an awesome User interface and UX.

Dating App


A free Online dating application that is Solely owned, managed and maintained by Ixelon. The Platform is tremendously expanding

Fitness App


Like Many other apps, this mobile app is managed and maintained by ixelon. Great for workout routine program/tips.

Health website

Iadjusted Patient Manager

Through this Ixelon Architectured System, a doctor is able to keep track of patient record system. Manage appointments, etc.

Aviation website

Niron Aviation

Multi-purpose aviation platform to share wonderful moments, news, and tips in aviation. Connects students to other aviation enthusiasts.



An app owned/run by Ixelon to help students stay connected to their tutors in an interactive and social way. It bridges the gap between them!

Mobile Application

Hamster Food Application

The application developed for Hamster International allows you to order food and get it delivered without inconviniences.

Estate website


A UK Based real estate agency that offers clients/customers links to buyers/ landlords of houses or any other residential property.

Estate website


Real estate agency that combines professionalism and Passion to help you solve problems related to land settlements!


Our pricing

Our pricing is so flexible that even the startups can easily be accommodated. we offer cheap but professional technical services for your websites and mobile apps. Here are our starting prices.



  • 1 Database

  • 12 Pages

  • Custom User Interface

  • Slideshows

  • Highly responsive

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Android Application


  • 1 Database

  • 4 Activities

  • Splash Screen

  • Custom UI/UX

  • Server connection

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iOS Application


  • 1 Database

  • 4 Activities

  • Splash Screen

  • Custom UI/UX

  • Server connection

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Our amazing team

Ixelon developers and designers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We utilise these effectively by basing our overall approach on a distinct set of values which we believe stand us apart from many large businesses. Get to know who contributes to the successes of Ixelon.

Bowas Muke

Backend developer

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About Bowas

He is the founder of Ixelon and has been working on the backend architectures since 2013. He is proficient in Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Pearl and their frameworks. His main field of interest is Artificial Intelligence, Voice and Image processing.

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Moses Siame

Front-end/App developer

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About Oliver

He is the co-founder of Ixelon. He spends most of his time designing UI/UX libraries. He speak CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, Python, Java, PHP.

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Martin Mpandamwike

Android/iOS developer

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About Martin

He is the lead in Quality assurance testing. He has worked on many Ixelon Projects as the project Manager. He has major in Android and iOS development. He is also interesting in Desktop applications for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

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